How do I create a team and add my friends?

To create a team simply navigate to the right hand side of your supporter page and select “Create Team”. Name your team and update your team page.
Once your friends are registered, you can all connect your Supporter Pages as a part of your Team. Visit your team page. You can get there by logging into your Supporter Page, and then clicking on your Team on the right hand side of your page. Once your on your team page, as the Team Leader, you have the option to Add Page to Team/Invite Members. Input your friend’s email address, and they’ll receive an invitation to connect their page to your Team.
Alternatively, your friend can go to their Supporter Page, and click the “Join a Team” button on the right hand side of their page, search for team and request to join you.
In addition to running together (or apart if you’re in different cities), encouraging each other to train and fundraise, connecting your fundraising pages and becoming a Team provides even more inspiration and motivation for everyone including your donors!
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